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About Us

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A Bit About Us

We are the leading wildlife removal experts in the Guelph region. We have a range of different services that are customized for each customer and we focus on complete removal of the animal infestations in your residential or commercial property. We also help to ensure that the animal infestations do not recur and suggest the preventive measures to help you deal with any unwanted infestations.

We are experts when it comes to Wildlife removal services and Wildlife control services for:

  • Homeowners
  • Property owners
  • Business and commercial spaces

Our procedures

We use the best methods in order to carry out the wildlife removal process.

  • A thorough inspection is carried out to identify the areas from where the animals enter your property.
  • After having identified the possible hideouts, we install the necessary props for trapping the animals.
  • Safe removal of the animals from the property, following all of the protocols.
  • Preventive measures to prevent any further such attacks from animals.