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Wildlife control

We have services that are catered to making sure that the animal infestation in your surrounding is appropriately controlled and taken care of. We make use of natural trappings and suggest the best possible measures that you can take to control the animal infestation in your region.

Wildlife removal

Our wildlife removal services are for the animal infestations that are persistent and where the animals are interfering with the daily activities of the people living in the area. Our services involve using the best methods, and all of our procedures are humane and safe for animals.

Wildlife prevention

While our main objective is helping remove the animal infestations from your house, we also provide additional wildlife prevention services, wherein we suggest the best possible methods to help prevent any future infestations by rodents and pests.

Our comprehensive services

Raccoon control

Raccoons have adapted themselves to live in the urban populated areas. These animals are nocturnal and they feed on the rotten food and leftovers at night. Most of the times, these animals are found living in the attics and places that are mostly dark and uninhabited.

Skunk control

Skunks are known to invade the house yard and they usually leave behind a foul odour. These animals are nocturnal and they usually come out in the night to find food sources such as garbage and waste lying around, small insects as well as vegetation.

Squirrel control

Squirrels are known to look for places to nest and breed their young ones. The extremely sharp teeth of these animals can lead them to gnaw at electrical wires, insulation and also cause damage to the housing equipments.