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How do the rodents get inside our homes?

Our homes can be a safe abode for the persistent rodents, given that they are attracted to warm and clean places. Once they enter our homes, they can wreck havoc in a way that can be very hard to control. As a result, one needs to very careful about the rodents and the ways in which the infestations can be avoided.

In order to maintain a proper hygienic environment at your home, it is important to get rid of the rodents at the earliest possible, using a variety of different methods. For the safety purposes of your home, you must pay attention to all of the openings through which the wildlife might enter your home and property.

Some of the entryways through which the wildlife might enter your home include:

Roof vents:

During the winters when the temperature drops below a certain point, the rodents are unable to tolerate the cold outside. They look for areas where they can take shelter for themselves and their young ones. The warm air from the vent of your homes will mostly likely attract the rodents towards the comfort and warmth offered by your home. Even if you might try to cover the vent with a cap, the squirrels or raccoons might chew them and get in through a narrow opening.


The chimneys installed in your home can be an entryway for the rodents to enter your home. In order to prevent any attacks, it is imperative that you use good quality stainless steel for the chimney caps. After having the covered the chimney properly, it is also important that you check the same after certain intervals for any wear and tear.

Any damages in the shingles

If you have asphalt shingles in your house, there is a chance of them getting damaged due to heat, wind or hail. Once damaged, the shingles will not be able to offer the same level of protection as when it was new.

Given the different entryways through which the rodents might enter your home, it is imperative that you take sufficient care to avoid any damage. And in case of an infestation by the rodents, it is best to call our experts at Guelph Wildlife.